Monday, March 11, 2013

Life with Color

I just finished re-watching "The Best Marigold Hotel..."  It is storytelling at its best. The themes, colors, and characters are uplifting.  Especially the colors.

My own artwork is full of saturated color.  I have always thought is was from living in Alaska...two seasons: winter and about 12 weeks of summer. Now that I am living back in Michigan there are more opportunities with a longer growing season to be inspired by color. This picture was taken outside Limner Press....and the flowers were there well into fall.

In "...Marigold Hotel..." the fall season of life is a main theme. It is about new beginnings and coping with cycles of life.  My "cycle" has been overwhelmed by the loss of our Mother, "or is it our own loss we are mourning".  So I am cultivating memories that are full of color and uplifting experiences.

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